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The TV Training Academy



All pre-existing bookings and future bookings are 100% secure.


Any physical in person course that is affected by the lockdown will be rescheduled, if you can't make the new date of your course further dates will be offered until a suitable alternative date found. Please note once you confirm a new date your booking will revert to our standard Terms and Conditions. 

Our standard Terms & Conditions apply where students choose to withdraw and the course is still operating. If you have to cancel a course due to COVID-19 we will reschedule your course for free for an alternative date. 

If you are currently booked on a course, please assume that your course will take place unless further Government imposed restrictions are announced.


During lockdown we will be running various online training sessions which you are invited to, please note these sessions are an additional resource and not a replacement of any postponed courses.


We'd like to thank you for your patience during this difficult and challenging time for us all. 

See our Covid-19 Protocols 

Terms and Conditions

When signing up to do a course with The TV Training Academy, you acknowledge than on booking we do all that we deem necessary to plan for your participation on the course. This may include arranging tutors, assistants, guests, acquiring additional equipment, studio/room hire and travel and accommodation arrangements where applicable which incur upfront costs. Accordingly, you agree that the cancellation policies included in these terms and conditions are both fair and reasonable.  

When booking a course, you will receive an email confirmation with a link for a welcome pack to download. If you do not receive this you must contact us immediately. 


Terms & Conditions:  

1. The TV Training Academy Ltd trading as the “TV Training Academy” reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting changes online. 


Cancellation Policy & Payments:  

2. All Deposits are non-refundable unless the TV Training Academy cancels your course and does not offer an alternative date. 

2.a Cancellation of a course will result in the course fee being charged at 100%. *Events, Specialist Courses, Online Courses, 1 to 1 training & Children’s workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable due to their limited availability. 

2.b Course dates may only be changed under extreme circumstances ie; Death of a family member or close relative or hospitalisation and supported by documentary evidence. A transfer fee of £55 will apply and subject to availability.

2.c The TV Training Academy Ltd does not give any compensation, refunds or are responsible for situations outside their control e.g. Illness, (be that of the performer or family member), adverse weather conditions, travel, rail/flight cancellations or disruptions, closures, delays or strikes or force majeure. We recommend students and visitors to check their travel arrangements prior to the day.   

2.d If you fail to attend a course you are liable for course fee’s. No refund is available if you miss any day of your course. 

2.e An administration charge (£100 for diploma, £30 for other courses) will be levied against the account where an instalment plan is requested or when for a course is not paid in full at time of booking. It is important you keep note of when your installments are due. If you have requested a payment plan, your debit/credit card you used on booking will automatically be debited on first of each month unless another date is agreed. Full payment of your course is required 30 days before the start date, if full payment is not received we have the right to cancel your space. No refund will be given. 

2.f Where payments are made by agreed instalments and those instalments have not been paid on the due date, you may loose the right to pay by instalments, if you’re booked on a special offer or promotional package you may revert to the standard rate / package. We reserve the right to charge a £10 administration charge for every invoice/late payment to cover administration costs. We also reserve the right to charge interest on late payments and outstanding invoices at the rate of 2% per calendar month. Failure to pay may result in your place being cancelled and offer the place to another student. No refund of any course fees paid by you will be made.  

2.g Where an unpaid invoice is referred for debt collection, the legal costs will be added to the total amount due which will become your responsibility to pay.

2.h We reserve the right to advertise courses at a discounted rate from time to time. The Special Offer Prices applies to the dates shown only. We reserve the right to withdraw our Special Offer Price at anytime. Any discounts offers are exclusive – they cannot be combined. Where discounts are offered these must be requested at time of booking, discounts will not automatically be must be applied at time of booking  and cannot be applied retrospectively. Special Offer Prices cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

2.i Gift Vouchers and voucher codes must be quoted at the time of booking and cannot be applied retrospectively.  Gift Vouchers are valid for a year from date of purchase and are non-refundable. 

2.j Make Up is available on our 3 Day Masterclass or Bespoke training days this must be booked in advance and is non-refundable.  

2.k The TV Training Academy Ltd reserves the right to change course dates, times, venue, guests, trainers and content at any time. The TV Training Academy will endeavor to give as much notice as possible should any of these conditions arise.

2.l From time to time our website and E-learning platforms may have to undergo essential maintenance and software updates to continue its functionality. We will endeavour to give students as much notice as possible.


Course Attendance and Time Keeping: 

3.a. Please arrive on time for workshops as latecomers may not be admitted, and no refund will be given. The trainer is unable to leave the workshop to collect you, entry to the workshop once it’s started is disruptive once filming has started. It is your responsibility to check travel arrangements prior to the day. Non-attendance or persistent lateness is viewed as demonstrating a lack of professionalism. Each student is responsible for attending their session at least 15 mins before the course time starts.  

3.b. If you fail to attend a course, event, audition, meeting or studio visit without giving notice we have the right to refuse you at a future date. 

4. Our Celebrity guests will include people who have at some point been/are in the public eye or household names but will not be A list celebrities. 

5. Due to the nature of this industry, tutors and celebrity guest are susceptible to change without notice and can vary from course to course. 

6. All under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. You must be 18 years or over to attend our virtual online training sessions.  


Your Contact Details:  

7. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have your correct address, phone number, and email address at all times. Please make sure we have your full name (same as your identity) on enrolling on one of our courses if you are enrolling a workshop on behalf of someone else make sure we have their full name.


Show Reels, Photos, Footage:  

8.a.If enrolled on a course that includes an edited sizzle reel or show reel this will be dispatched to the student's email address as per the booking unless advised in writing otherwise. If you have a stage name or any alternative name and wish this to be added into your show reel you MUST inform us in writing prior to editing otherwise the name we will use is the name as per your booking. You will be charged for any amendments after your edit. The standard of the reel will be determined by editing staff using their professional judgment to the highest possible standards. If further editing is required by student thereafter, then an additional editing fee of £45 per hour will be added. All amendments must be given in writing within 14 days of receiving your reel. 

8.b. Show Reels from our 3 Day Masterclass will have up to 6 PTC's and once edited will not include the full PTC that was filmed, they will be cut down into smaller sections which maybe 5-20 seconds but will appear in one continuous reel which will be around 2 minutes. The aim of your show reel is to show case your personality, skills, and strengths as a presenter. If a longer reel, extra PTC's or any additional editing is requested this will incur further editing costs at £45 per hour

8.c. Show Reels/Footage must be ordered on or prior to the course, due to storage we delate any unused footage. 

8.d. Please download and save show reel/photos to your own computer/hard drive (not a mobile device) as we delete footage after 6 months. A charge of £15 is applied to re-send links. Raw footage is available for £15 per clip. 

9. A ‘show reel production day’ consists of up to four hours filming and up to four hours of editing. The standard of the show reel will be determined by editing staff using their professional judgement to the highest possible standards. If further editing is required by student thereafter, then an additional editing fee of £45 per hour will be added. Any specific editing instructions must be given to us in writing before your edit. 


Photography, Recording & Virtual Events: 

10.a. The TV Training Academy Ltd reserves the right to use photos and footage taken of all students for our social media, website, YouTube, print publications, press releases and marketing material unless you give us prior written instruction not to do so. By participating in another student’s show reel you are giving them permission to upload their footage to public websites.

10.b. In accordance with Pinewood Studio Regulations, all photography, filming, and recording of any sort is prohibited within the grounds, this includes the canteen, shuttle bus and outside the main gates and includes the taking of selfies. Any breach of this regulation will result in a student’s identification pass being confiscated and removed from the course without refund. Should students wish to take photographs, video or audio recordings within the premises of The TV Training Academy studio, permission must be expressed by a member of staff.

10.c. Our virtual live & interactive sessions are recorded and maybe uploaded to our YouTube channel and social media platforms. By participating in these live sessions you are agreeing to be filmed and uploaded online. If you do not want to be filmed, you can switch your video off and private message us your question. 

10.d. Content included in our members area and online training programmes must not be shared publicly, copied or re-published in anyway.


Screen Tests / Auditions:  

11. Screen tests or auditions/interviews will be allocated to students solely at the discretion of the TV Training Academy. If employment or professional engagements arise from any TV Training Academy introductions, then a set finder’s fee of 10% will be applied. We pride ourselves on high-quality training and mentoring and a high percentage of our students go on to have a successful TV presenting careers and many become household names however course attendance does not guarantee students with any offer of employment, screen test or interview.  



12. The TV Training Academy Ltd strives to provide a safe, fun and inspiring day for all students/children participating in our courses and workshops. We welcome students/children laughing, interacting and responding positively to the workshop. In cases of poor behaviour, we reserve the right to dismiss any student/child who becomes disruptive, rude, behaves inappropriately or poses a health & safety risk. This behaviour is not fair and can spoil the enjoyment of the day for everyone. Therefore, if a student/child is causing disruption, students will be asked to leave and parents will be contacted to pick up the child and asked to leave the workshop. No refund will be given.  


Visiting Pinewood Studios:  

13. When attending courses held at Pinewood Studios, you agree to follow any instructions given by studio staff and to read all safety information provided to you upon arrival. To enter Pinewood Studios, you are required to show Photographic Identification through the form of a Driving Licence, Passport or other official documents that verify you with a photograph. Please make yourself aware of the studio etiquette at


Pinewood Studios Shuttle Bus & Parking: 

14. Pinewood Studios operate at free shuttle bus service on weekdays only to local underground and mainline stations for all Pinewood staff, production staff, and visitors. Upon booking, we can give you a letter of permission to use this service. We are not responsible for any delays/changes to their timetables. Free parking is available at Pinewood Studios, more information can be found at:


TV & Radio Studio Experiences Visits: 

15. From time to time, TV & Radio stations invite our students to visit their studios and to watch filming or for work experience, you are responsible for arriving at the venue and on time. There is no reimbursement or compensation for loss of wages and/or travel expenses due to show cancellation and/or non-entrance into the venue/studio/location. Please check directly with them at the time of invitation for their Terms & Conditions. 


Visas For Overseas Students: 

16. If you are traveling from overseas and require a Visa it is your responsibility to determine how far in advance you need to apply for a Visa, and to allow sufficient time to obtain a visa including any delays caused by the issuing visa office. We strongly recommend applying for a visa as soon as possible, TV Training Academy is not responsible for any delays. We do not get involved directly with Visa applications, TV Training Academy can provide you with a letter confirming your booking on one of our courses.


Heath & Safety: 

17 a. Students and visitors are obliged to take care of their own belongings. The TV Training Academy Ltd accepts no responsibility for any accidental injury to students or loss or damage to personal property whilst training or filming during courses or events.  

17 b. Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform The TV Training Academy and its staff of any existing injuries, medical conditions or allergies and to notify The TV Training Academy in the event of any change or new illness or injury or medical condition. Students are also responsible for their own safety throughout training programmes and are expected to exercise due care and attention at all times. TV Training Academy is not liable for any injury, accident or even death caused to a participant during a class or programme.

17 c. The TV Training Academy may withdraw a Student from activities in the event they require special medical care or attention or if the Student is considered not well enough to attend the class. 

17.d If you have any special access requirements or concerns, please contact us directly so we can assist you. 


Accommodation, Food & Refreshments: 

18.a. Accommodation is not included on any of our courses or events, however, we are happy to suggest local Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels. 

18.b. TV Training Academy will not reimburse Travel or Accommodation costs should an event or course be canceled or postponed. 

18.c. Food and Refreshments are not included, Pinewood Studios do have a canteen and coffee shop, however, if your course is on a weekend, the studio facilities will be closed, so please bring a packed lunch and refreshments with you. We recommend bringing a bottle of water with you as only water is allowed in the studio. If you are leaving your child onsite with us for a course you will need to provide them with a packed lunch. 



19. You agree to fully indemnify TV Training Academy and its affiliates, officers, and employees against any loss, liability, claim, demand, damage, and expense (including reasonable legal fees) arising from or in connection with any training courses, location filming or show reel production days. 

20. If any of these terms should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws of any state or country in which these terms are intended to be effective, then to the extent and within the jurisdiction in which that term is illegal, invalid or enforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from the clause concerned and the remaining terms and conditions shall survive, remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable. 

21. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction for hearing any dispute arising under this agreement.