What are the qualities of a good presenter?

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What makes a good Presenter? A question we get asked a lot on our TV Presenter Courses. So here are 10 qualities of a good presenter.

1. Confidence - Having confidence in yourself and your skill as a Presenter. Making sure you have good eye contact with the camera,

2. Charm & Charisma - When you speak to someone that is charming and charismatic they draw you in, you are then engaging. People trust you.

3. Dedication & Passion - TV Presenting is a competitive industry and does require dedication and tenacity to be successful. You'll need to have passion for what ever you are speaking about.

4. Authenticity - Being yourself is so important as a TV Presenter. You are not an actor playing a character, although their are many actors who are also TV Presenters.

5. Understands, connects and engage with their audience - Your audience will feel closer to you. They will be able to relate to you.

6. Enthusiastic - Nobody wants to listen or watch to someone who is boring, make sure you are passionate with what you are doing, we like to call it you on a Berocca Day.

7. Relaxed and keep calm under pressure - This is really is so important as a TV Presenter. When you're working on Live TV, things can go wrong, guests can run late and technical glitches can happen. As a Presenter everyone is looking at you and you need to be able to reman calm and hold the show.

8. Listen - One of the most important qualities of a TV Presenter. Not only if you are interviewing a guest on your show, but your production team will give you instructions that you need to follow.

9. Good communication skills - Excellent communication skills are essential for a TV presenter. Your voice must be clear and you must have the ability to present your content calmly and professionally, particularly under the pressure of a live tv or radio broadcast.

10. Be able to work as a Team - You might be the Presenter that everyone that is looking at but there is a team of people behind you.

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