How To Get Work As A TV Presenter

3 Places To Look For Presenting Work

“Where do I find Presenter work”

This is one of the questions we get asked a lot from up and coming presenters when we run our TV Presenting courses.

There are so many ways you can find presenting opportunities but here are 3 places to get work as a TV Presenter without having an agent.

1. Casting Websites: Star Now, Mandy, and Presenter Promotions are just some of the many casting websites out there. Spotlight is also an option but tends to be more for acting jobs rather than Presenters and there is a minimum criteria to join this one. Star Now is one of the cheaper ones and they have just set up a section dedicated to Presenter jobs. It tends to be low budget/student work which is great if you're building your experience or adding to your show reel. Mandy (formally Casting Call Pro) has mostly acting jobs however, I have seen a lot of TV Presenter jobs in the last week, some have been nicely paid too. Presenter Promotions is the casting website I recommend if you're just looking for Presenting work, they tend to have lots of castings including Journalists, Reporters and, Radio Presenting.

Make sure you have a professional head-shot on your casting profile and not a holiday or selfie photos and, your show reel which should reflect your brand, is updated ready to send as soon as those castings come in.

2. Writing to Producers / Casting Directors: Think about the style and type of programmes you want to present then look through the Sky platform. Find out who makes the programme, it tells you on the credits or go to look up the programme for their contact details. Call them up and find out who's in charge of casting it might be the producer or a casting director, get their name and contact details to send them your CV and show reel.

3. Channel Websites: All the main production channels BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and your local and community channels all have a talent section on their website where they look for Contributors, Apprenticeships and New Talent. It's also worth keeping an eye on their social media as they often announce there when they are on the look-out. Recently the BBC were looking for talented experts in a wide range of genres.

On our 5 Day TV Presenter Masterclass we spend a whole afternoon on career strategy, showing you where you can find opportunities, who to write to, how to brand and market yourself so you can stand out ahead of the competition. This is one of the most important things to do as a working presenter to make sure you are current and getting work. And because our media trainers are all currently working in the TV and Media Industry and include BBC Directors, Producers and Presenters we can show you what really works. To get more information on how we can help you, email us and one of the TV Training team will get back to you.

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