How to become a TV Presenter when you have no experience

TV Presenter Training

Everyone has to start somewhere right? Even the biggest TV Presenters in show biz have had to start at the bottom, you just always see them when they're already at the top. There are so many ways you can break into the industry, some people start out as journalists or researchers in production companies, some are an expert in a particular field like a Dr, Chef, Athlete or Coach and become TV Experts some are actors who become TV Presenters and some start with TV Training.

You don’t generally need qualifications to become a TV Presenter unless you're a TV Expert it might be beneficial to have that as credibility or if you're looking to become a TV Reporter or Video Journalist a qualification in journalism often required. What you do need is super confidence in front of the camera, knowing how a live TV studio works and the tools of the trade like autocue (Teleprompter), Multi-camera, Talk-back, Microphone technique, Interviewing and having a clear solid career strategy does help. And what matters most is your personality, passion, determination, and tenacity.

You will require a TV Presenter Show Reel to show any TV Producer or Casting Director your skills, personality and passion and how you look on camera.

Oh but ‘You have to be lucky’ we hear that a lot!! You create your own luck and the most successful TV Presenters we know create their own luck by sheer persistence, knowing how the TV industry works, building a network of contacts and knowing who and how to approach people for work. Knowing how to brand and promote yourself is very important as well.

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