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Director Brian Naylor with Actor Tam Williams who was one of our celebrity guests on our 5 Day Masterclass

Becoming a TV Host and hosting their own show is one of the many goals that presenters have when they come to TV Training Academy. Many people come to us wanting to become the next Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey or James Corden. With YouTube you can even host your own show on your own channel like Lilly Singh. It is possible but you have to have dedication, passion and the skills to make a great TV host.

First of all you need to be comfortable at being yourself and have enthusiasm and passion for the job. We like to call it you on a good day or you on a 'BeroccaDay'. You need to be confident and be able to connect and engage with your guest and audience.

You need to be able to conduct a good interview, and by that we don't mean writing a list of questions and reading them out. A good TV Presenter or TV Host will be able to listen to their guest and will be able to respond, be inquisitive and act spontaneously on the job. Knowing interviewing skills such as ABC and Ring-fencing.

The overall style of the show dictates. Your personality should come across. Is your show serious like News Night or Question Time, a magazine style show like This Morning or an entertainment show like The Graham Norton Show.

These skills can be learned with the correct training, guidance and practice and this is exactly what we do on our 5 Day TV Presenting Masterclass. We spend a whole day on interviewing and practicing all the techniques and interview styles making sure you are fully comfortable and confident. On Day 3 of our masterclass, each presenter will have their own 10 minute 'as live' show. You'll be on talk-back, working to time, on multi camera, using autocue and have a celebrity guest to interview. Actor Tam Williams who stared in James Bond Film, 'Spectre' was one of our recent guests. All these skills are essential if you're looking to become a TV Host and is done at our studio at Pinewood Studios.

If you have any questions you can email us or call us 0800 046 3447 for a chat or if you want to come into our studio at Pinewood for a free career chat we can arrange that too,

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