Get an action plan to get started as a TV Presenter

TV Presenter Training

Becoming a TV Presenter is like starting a new business and needs a business plan if you are to be successful. So here are 10 top tips to help you.

1. Write down your goals Studies show that those who write down their goals have an 80% higher success rate of achieving them. If you don't have goals or a target it's incredibly hard to hit it. Use the 'SMART' tool - specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-limited. Create a vision board and make sure you can see it often, our very own Gemma has a vision board in our office and it always amazes me how many things happen.

2. Are you prepared? What do you need? Make sure that you can do the job. Do you have any doubt about using any of the tools of the trade such as Talk-Back, Autocue, Working To Time and Interviewing? Make sure you get training and experience to do the job. I'm a great believer that when the opportunity comes along you are ready and prepared to take advantage. The best way to get ready is to be ready!

3. Make sure you have your social media's are all up to date Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn. Producers and Casting directors will check this. Make sure they all reflect your brand and you are posting regularly.

4. Casting profiles and website Make sure your casting profile and website are all up to date and reflects who you are and have a headshot photo that looks like you. I've seen presenters at castings who come in and look nothing like their profile picture, or it was taken 20 years ago or it's a selfie or holiday picture. Your showreel should be up to date.

5. Give yourself deadlines Once you have committed to do something and have a date you are far more likely to it rather than having an idea in your head.

6. Direct contact with Producers Write to them, no reply doesn't mean 'No'! Keep updating them with what you have been doing. If you get a 'No' if often can mean 'not just now'. Keep your emails brief ideally one paragraph with a link to your showreel. Producers are busy people and don't have time to read a long-winded email with lots of information. Always use their name, it still surprises me how many Dear Sir/Madam emails get sent.

7. Get out there and Network! Attend media networking events and regularly not just the once. You're unlikely to get a job from just going to one, you need to build relationships. Find out where producers and directors are hanging out and what events they are going to.

8. Turn rejection around If you don't get the job at a casting, come away having learned from the experience that way you will always be the winner.