Fully Focused & MYM have joined up with E4 to search for the next generation of stars. Are you a comedian or presenter with next level talent and onscreen presence? This could be your time to shine...You can apply by yourself or as a double act. Complete this form and submit a short video to show them what you've got!

Please note - Submissions close Sunday 24th November 2019. Applicants must be over 18 years old. Only ONE submission entry per person. While some radio/online experience and already being represented by a talent agent is OK you must not have had any significant previous TV experience (e.g It's ok if you had a few lines in a TV show but not OK if you fronted your own series). Successful applicants will be contacted by January 2020, if you don't hear back from our team it's definitely not personal so stay positive, there will be plenty more opportunities!

The link to the application is here

Good Luck.

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