A-Z Of TV & Radio Terminology

TV Presenter Training

When you're starting out in the Industry as a TV Presenter or Radio Presenter, there’s a lot of technical terminology so it's important to know what these production terms or an acronym means. So here's our A-Z of TV & Radio Terminology jargon buster. As the TV industry is fast-moving we're be updating this regularly.

Action: This is the talent's cue to start.

Anchor: Studio based presenter who presents the news.

Ad-Lib: This is when you have to speak or perform without previously preparing one's words.

This might happen when another presenter fails to start on cue, the normal progress of the programme is disturbed or lines are forgotten. Ad-Lib happens on Shopping TV.

Agent: A person or a company who represent TV Presenters, actors or performers, they help you get work personally and help your career but take a percentage fee from any bookings you never pay upfront to join an agent. Got agents are worth their weight in gold and have good contacts in the industry. As Presenter and Agent should have a good working relationship and work together as a team. Not the same as Agency.

Agency: A company who provide a particular service on behalf of another business, person, or group never represents the talent an individual. Often you will have to pay upfront to join.

Autocue: Also called Teleprompter. Autocue is actually the manufacturer but it's name is commonly used. This device used by a presenter to read a script on a transparent panel in front of a television camera lens in such a way that the text remains hidden from the camera. It's so important as TV Presenter not to sound like you're 'reading' the autocue. This is something we focus on all our TV Presenting Courses.

As Live: A programme which is pre-recorded but will transmit as if it was a live show. On our 5 Day TV Presenting Masterclass, you get to present your own 10-minute as-live show with a celebrity guest.

Back-anno: Back-announcement. When a presenter relates to the previous audio or song.  Can be scripted or ad lib. Eg, "That was Ed Sheeran and his new single “I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber"

Back-timing: When a Radio Presenter calculates the intro time on the song in an attempt to talk over the intro of