3 ways to feel more confident on camera for your videos

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

TV Presenter Training

When we run our TV Presenting courses at Pinewood studios and especially when working 1:1 with clients who want to use video to grow their business, this comes up a lot:

“As soon as I see that little red flashing light, I get really nervous, stumble my words, get a bit hot and bothered and rush through what I want to say so I can jump off camera”

…even from CEO’s and business owners that have been top of their game for years.

There’s no doubt that video content is King when it comes to social marketing, Facebook live, YouTube and now even Instagram on the bandwagon with Insta TV, so it’s never been more important to be delivering to your clients via video if you want to be seen and heard.

To position yourself as an expert in your field you need to show up authentically online, deliver great value and get your message your heard so that clients connect with you and want to buy.

So here are 3 ways you can feel more confident on camera:

1. Learn how to use body language and tone naturally to express yourself, not just words.

You come across nervous because you are focused on remembering your words. You are fiddling with your hands, being over flamboyant with them, fidgeting in your chair, looking down and your tone sounds like you are bored. When presenting on camera the other forms of communication that you usually usein every day; body language and tone can make the difference between someone checking out after a few seconds or picking up the phone to enquire.

2. Learn how to use autocue

An autocue is a screen that can have a rolling script, that even Dermot and Holly use to keep them on track. You have a great video planned out and end up going off on a tangent because you forget what you wanted to say, end up waffling on, umming andahing, repeating yourself and forgetting the most important point you had to make. Learning how to autocue like the professionals is a secret weapon when it comes to great eye contact and confidently delivering your words, without missing a beat.

3. Learn how to look professional without being perfect

If you’ve ever said “I can’t do a video today, look at me” or felt the need to find an inspiring location before you can get on camera, then you’ve created a story for yourself that you have to be polished to make impact. This isn’t true. The best videos are authentic, and so long as you deliver great value, people don’t care where you are or when you last washed your hair! However, learn how to work the camera to connect with your audience, how to set up for optimal light and sound, even just from a phone.

Very few people are born able to do this. But, you can learn how to become confident and comfortable on camera to get your message heard and get booked.

On our Confidence On Camera Accelerator course, we'll show you how to connect fully and communicate with your audience. You'll discover simple techniques used by professional TV presenters, to turn a flat or awkward video into engaging content that makes you magnetic to your audience. We’ll show you how to overcome any nerves and stop 'umming and ahhing' so that you can hit the 'go live' button with ease. We'll also show you where you can upload your videos and there is a very easy technique that I get my presenters and clients to use which gets them seen. This is exclusive to TV Training Academy and very effective at getting presenters and business owners seen by the right people! I’ll show you how you can do this and you can start implementing this straight away!

This course is for you if you want to become confident on camera to boost your business or career, by using video in your social media to grow your audience and become a credible authority in your field.

If you have any questions, just email or call us for a chat and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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