Everything you need to self shoot

We're asked a lot about what equipment is needed for self shooting and  although we would have to recommend thorough research for what your particular needs are we can tell you what equipment we use to produces great results.

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If you're new to self shooting/filming and you want to avoid some of the common mistakes then take a look at our complimentary self shooting guides, Basic filming tips that will make all the difference to your videos. Just click to download the pdf files.

Mic for Android 

Sound accounts for 50% of the overall professional 'look' of your videos so it's well worth investing in a quality mic as the 'in build' mics on phones are rarely of a high quality and cheaper mics make little or know difference.

Mic for iPhone
Camera Mic
Green Screens 'Pop Up'

It's important when filming with a green screen that you get an even and consistent shade of green to film against, therefore we recommend the 'Pop Ups' as they automatically stretch out and remove any creases. Quick and easy to use. 

Tripod for phones

Essential kit for making professional looking videos. Nice and simple, easy to use and no need for anything more expensive.


Basic '3 point lighting' will help reduce shadows and ensure you are well lit adding to the professionalism of your videos.

LED Lighting

If you're planning on making a lot of videos a higher standard of lighting will save the need to change bulbs and give you more control over your shots.

Tripod for Cameras
Semi Pro Cameras

If you want to start getting serious about video and film making these Sony cameras are great, we use them. They both have sockets for external mics and have an easy to use interface.

Just for fun!

You almost certainly don't need this......but it's pretty cool!

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