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Part 1

In this lesson you'll discover all the techniques for successful radio presenting. 

In this lesson you'll find:

  • Audio content (click the button to listen)

  • Videos (simply scroll between the videos using the < or > buttons)

  • A written and video assignment

Written Content

Click to download either a word or PDF document:

Audio Content

You can listen to the audio and watch the videos as many times as you like, there are no restrictions.

Example of How to Read Headlines and Entertainment News for Radio 

Video Content

Radio Presenting - Introduction

Radio Presenting - Video 1 Introduction

Preparation for your radio show

Who is your listener? 

Links & getting your personality across

Choosing your music


Promoting your radio show


News, travel & weather reports

Getting a work as a radio presenter

Bonus Content: 

Radio Presenting Assignments

Download and complete the written & practical assessment and record your audio on audacity (free) and either upload to Soundcloud (free) or sent it via to:

Written Assignment 

Practical Assignment

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