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'We believe that with effective, engaging and persuasive communication skills everyone has the potential to achieve great results'. 

The TV Academy has been helping people to become effective on-screen communicators for over two decades. Many of the people we have trained have become successful presenters on BBC, ITV and Sky, are now major influencers on YouTube and social media or have become professional keynote speakers on some of the world’s leading platforms including TED.

We understand that appearing on camera, whether at home or in a studio, can be quiet a daunting experience, but you already have the resources you need to be a great speaker, you just need us to show you how to use them.

Our professional team of presenters, directors, producers and agents have the depth and breadth of experience you need to become a high impact communicator in the world of television, social media and business.

The TV Training Academy was founded by working performer Brian Naylor. 

After working as a presenter on both television and stage for many years he recognised that the guidance and direction he received was often inconsistent, unclear and even suppressive. This drove him to develop a learning environment and style that allows anyone to find their true, authentic voice while maintaining an assertive, professional and engaging delivery.

Regarded as one of the UK’s top presentation skills coaches Brian has now been working with Presenters and Speakers for over twenty years offering training and mentorship for those looking to be build confident, effective and credible on camera delivery. 

Using his first-hand experience Brian has designed online training courses, mentorship programs and is the author of ‘TV & Video Presenting made easy’ all of which maximise people’s potential as a presenter.

He now has a well-respected and highly decorated team around him who can pass on their first-hand knowledge so current and potential presenters can stand out from the competition, boost their visibility and get the career they desire.



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In short, yes, but be careful which one you choose!


A reputable trainer will prepare you for a professional career but before you invest in any course (ours included!) do your homework and make sure you’re working with someone that has real world experience in the TV Presenting industry.  A genuine media trainer should have a solid understanding of the principles of communication as well as the ability to coach, mentor and identify each individuals training needs. 


Anyone can call themselves a media trainer or coach as the industry is not regulated and after over 20 years in the industry we've seen companies constantly come and go and we've lost count of the number of students from other TV Presenter training providers who come to us after they've felt let down and short changed.


So, before you invest in your future career we’ve put together a checklist to help you ask the right questions and find the best training provider for you: 

1. Who will be teaching me? Are they a dedicated communication and presentation skills specialist with vast experience in all areas of TV presenting, Directing and Producing on shows like Country File, Life of Grim and many more major top shows like the team here at The TV Training or are they just a couple of Ex Shopping TV product demonstrators or a Bingo caller aspiring to be like us? Do some research to find out the background of the companies’ trainers, their experience and credibility. 

A simple google search will tell you everything you need to know.

Also check out the companies social media accounts. Are they active? Do they have training videos on their YouTube channel to show you as examples? How many subscribers and followers do they have? Do they have celebrity interviews and proof they are working in this industry….or does it look a bit dead? Social Media and especially a YouTube channel are vital tools for any presenter to build their brand and gain exposure. If the company you are working with can’t produce a professional YouTube channel for themselves, how can they show you how to do it?

Our director and head trainer Brian Naylor has over 20 years experience as a professional media trainer and has worked as a TV Presenter, Director & Producer. Prior to this Brian worked as a cruise consultant training light entertainment staff in communication and performance skills. Brian works full time as a media & communication skills specialist working with various channels, corporate companies, small business, entrepreneurs, colleges, universities and of course TV Presenters. Although from time to time he can still be spotted on TV or on the Radio, this is his full time career! All trainers working with Brian are hand selected to ensure they have the right industry expertise and have the ability to mentor your career. 


2. Where is the company head office based? Anyone can hire a room in a cheap photo studio for the day but unless they have a permanent base at a reputable Film & TV studio you may not be getting what you expect. For many years now we’ve been permanently based at the iconic Pinewood Studios, home to the Star Wars, James Bond and Jurassic Park movies. Our courses are run in the heart of the British Television and Film Industry offering a unique insight and networking opportunities you won't find anywhere else. For those unable to travel to London we also run courses at very select locations around the UK. 


3. Don't be afraid to ask questions and look for examples of showreels, photos and testimonials. Our show reels and testimonials can be found on our YouTube channel and social media pages for everyone to see. 


4. Who have they actually trained from scratch that is now working as a TV Presenter and check that they have actually trained them! If they say 'worked with' this could mean anything, they could have been a runner on a TV show but never even spoke to the presenters!

  We’ve lost count of how many of our ex students are now working on mainstream channels both in the UK and abroad. Take a look at the bottom of this page for latest success stories.

Take a look at our TV Training team, they are without doubt the most experienced, Dynamic and highly qualified training team available: click here  


5. If they're promising to 'Make you into a Star!’ then stay away. TV Presenting is like any other industry, the most successful people in the field become famous but that's no different than Politicians, Chefs, Footballers, Astronauts, Company CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Tennis Players, Dancers, Athletes, Actors, DJ's, Religious leaders and any other industry. 


6. Are they claiming to be 'Award Winning' if so, check out who's providing the award, who's judging it and what exactly are they being awarded for? There are a number of 'Award' websites out there where anyone who enters and pays the 'registration' fee will receive an award.


Some of the awards our training team have won include a BAFTA and two RTA’s. 


And lastly, ensure you get a receipt for any payments and never pay for your course on a cash in hand basis. 



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