YouTube/Video Presenter Course

Become super confident on camera and make entertaining and informative content video content

YouTube, TV & Video Presenting: 1 day course


London Studios | 1 Day course | 10am - 5pm

Experience an amazing day where you'll discover how fun, fulfilling and exciting TV & Video Presenting can be. You’ll be given guidance, direction and training on core presenting skills that will boost your confidence and professionalism to a whole new level. You’ll gain a valuable insight into studio TV presenting. You'll learn how to read autocue, work with green-screen, how to self-shoot and where to upload your videos if your a Vlogger or looking to use video for your business. With your new skills you'll realise how easy it is for you to shoot high impact pieces to camera. Whilst intense, the day is great fun and packed full of key training. Ideal for those taking their first step into TV presenting, looking to gain confidence or start a YouTube Channel or Vlogg.

Is it for you?

Are you starting out as a new presenter or vlogger or wanting to take your existing skills to the next level? Maybe you're feeling that your performance is a bit:​

  1. Awkward or unnatural 

  2. Lacking energy and enthusiasm

  3. Not a true representation of your personality or expertise

  4. Insincere and unfriendly  ​

This course is for anyone who wants to gain a new level of confidence and professionalism in their presenting.

What you'll gain:

After completing this training programme you'll have a thorough knowledge and understanding, as well as practical skills, to:

  1. Talk to the camera in a natural and engaging way

  2. Overcome performance anxiety and nerves

  3. Significantly increase confidence and credibility

  4. Know how to self-shoot videos and where to upload them. 

Delegates will also leave with a clear understand of how to brand themselves and what steps/actions are needed to obtain presenting work and how to start a TV Presenting career.

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Participants are welcome to take notes during the course, however full course notes will be provided.

We recommend smart casual clothing during the course and for the showreel three changes of cloths that are not green.
You'll receive an official confirmation, with joining instructions (including directions if joining us at Pinewood Studios) at the time of booking. Once your deposit has been paid your place will be reserved for you.
Catering is not included, however you may like to take advantage of the studio facilities which include: Two coffee shops, self-service buffet canteen, studio restaurant or Pub. Please note these facilities are only open Monday to Friday. If your course is on a weekend please bring your own refreshments and lunch.

Please note that Pinewood Studios is a working Television and Film Studio and photography of any kind is strictly prohibited.


Course content

Introductions and admin then straight into the training. Each training module is explained and discussed and then each candidate will be filmed, directed and guided before a re-take.

Module 1: How to become an expert on-screen communicator 

Exercise 1: Filming brand you.

Review and feedback

Module 2: How to make your Autocue/teleprompter delivery seamless

Exercise 2: Filming PTC with teleprompter

Review and feedback

Module 3: How to self-shoot, what equipment is needed and where and how to upload your videos. 

Q&A session and open discussion on how to find work, market yourself and take your career forward



Q: Do I need experience?

A: No, you need passion and drive.

Q: Can anyone be a TV Presenter?

A: If you can speak and be understood, remember what you're talking about or read a teleprompter script, then yes, bearing in mind that the journey to success may be a long one. 

Q: What are the average earnings for a new TV Presenter?

A: This is a difficult one because many presenting jobs are on a freelance basis and the fees vary enormously but for a new TV Presenter starting a full time position you might expect anything from £30,000 to £50,000 per year.


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Includes: Support materials, studio facilities, transport to Pinewood Studios from Uxbridge or Slough stations (weekdays only), full training and support.

For further details or if  you're ready to book your course now with a £150.00 deposit call: 0800 046 3447 or to book online just choose the date you want below then click the 'BOOK' button,

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